Quality, Punctuality and Transparency are our watchwords. Expertise, competence and organisation are our instruments to realize them. REAL is a General Contractor that offers itself as an ideal partner in the "turnkey" execution of the work, providing design and consulting, as well as works management and their realization in the Retail world, without omitting residential and tertiary building.





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People, tools, methods, materials and environment: a mix of 5 strategical ingredients to ensure the satisfaction of the Customer's needs.


Always bet against our only enemy ... time ... and never miss every promise made to the Customer ...


Perfect match between our numbers and intellectual honesty... a rare added value, but a fundamental one in the relationship between us and the Customer...

Ethical code - focus

  • COMPLEX REQUEST: we resort to the help of more experienced colleagues, in subjects that fall outside our specific competences. "If each of us possesses information and holds it, he remains with information; if it is exchanged it activates an exponential multiplier ".
  • URGENT REQUEST:Urgency must be communicated to the involved colleagues. We know and are equipped to minimize stress to us and the customer.
  • REQUEST PERCEIVED AS URGENT: "Urgency kills importance". It is necessary to distinguish what is important from what is urgent but not important.
  • NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT PROCEDURES: In Real we know how the world turns, but we have a straight back and we believe that we can live in a normal country, where we can make the difference.
  • DOCUMENTS REQUEST: In Real we know how to honor the delivery times of the documentation and we know how to honor the professional skills.
  • THE PLACE OF WORK: We spend a lot more hours in the office than at home, when we are not in the pipeline, we want to climb and conquer the summit of the great place to work ranking.
  • TRAINING: Real provides everyone with adequate tools and each member is encouraged to train and update himself and become an actor and promoter of suggestions to be provided to the team.
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