From designers to manufacturers: this is the spirit in which REAL was founded in November 2004, specializing immediately in the retail sector, combining the project services with the realization phase.

In parallel to the field of commercial installations the group designs and realizes interventions of new construction in residential and tertiary building, such as apartments, offices and showrooms.

From October 2012 REAL turns into a single member society. Eng. Alessandro Ferri, CEO, with the collaboration of a team of engineers, architects and surveyors, professionals who have decided to put their mutual experiences, gained from a series of works carried out autonomously, at the service of customers in a unified form.

From 2013 REAL becomes a Group, composed of REAL contract and REAL projects providing realizations and/or consulting according to the Customer's needs.

The group REAL is proposed as a solution to many global problems encountered by who has to work in the field of construction and reconstruction of mainly tertiary surfaces in Italy and in other countries, combining project and administrative consulting in the form of General Contractor.

The goal of the group REAL is to provide a turnkey product, and to this end it relies on the collaboration of suppliers of primary reliability and competence, tested during years of work.

Attention to details and being on time: these are two key features of our work. And even though the Retail remains the core business, thanks to these two factors and to the know-how of the team, the group REAL can also work in different fields, residentials or not, and also has in its portfolio designs and realizations of other kinds.

Another strenght of the group REAL is the deep knowledge of the regulations in force in the building field and in particular in the field of fire prevention, an area for which REAL is the offical consultant of important brands in the shopping and service world.

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Here the Real's team: Click on the name of one of our professionist to see more information.


  • Construction Business / tertiary preparation outlets
  • Restructuring of offices and apartments
  • Residential building
  • Industrial building


    • Feasibility studies
      • 1.1 Analysis of the location in relation to the technical building regulations of the municipality itself
      • 1.2 Analysis for V.V.F. prescriptions
      • 1.3 Analysis by health regulations
      • 1.4 Analysis of the location in relation to the costs of running the site
      • 1.5 Hypothesis of costs of interventions
    • Obtaining building permits – authorization provisions
      • 2.1 Drafting project for building permit
      • 2.2 Drafting project for clearance Firefighters
      • 2.3 Drafting project for clearance A.S.L. / A.T.S.
      • 2.4 Requests for occupation of public property.
      • 2.5 Preliminary preparation plant engineering projects.
      • 2.6 Drafting Law 10 and Energy Performance Certification (A.P.E.)
      • 2.7 Permissions Environmental and Architectural Heritage
    • Final design
      • 3.1 Structural design
      • 3.2 Executive architectural design
      • 3.3 Executive mechanical design
      • 3.4 Executive electrical planning
      • 3.5 Drafting metric calculations and specifications for procurement
      • 3.6 Construction management, testing and assistance
      • 3.7 Site accounting
    • Project security
      • 4.1 Coordination of safety during planning and execution phase (D.L. 81/2008)
    • Preliminary feasibility study
      • 1.1 Analysis of municipal / provincial / regional regulations
      • 1.2 Comparison of trade regulations with the zoning regulations
      • 1.3 Obtaining business license
    • Scheduling the work GANTT
    • Performance of work
    • Service testing
    • Assistance in opening
    • Preparing questions for:
      • 1.1 ENEL connection
      • 1.2 Water connection 
      • 1.3 Phone connection
      • 1.4 Gas connection
  • Preparation of the documentation for compliance with safety standards
    • Updating cadastral boards
    • Preparation of SCIA VVF
    • Preparation of SCIA agibilty